API is used in 3rd party software to automatically send claims to our database. In order to issue API commands you need to obtain a Key and a corresponding Secret value, available to our registered users. If these are obtained from verified copyright holders, you will be able to send public claims to our database. Values obtained from any registered user can be utilised to send test claims.
Set tag for hash or URL (set-tag)
Torrent hash or URL you would like to set tag to *
One of the values: test or claim
Description of the copyrighted work
Secret value**

Signature = md5("") = ""

URL you need to request to set tag in our database using values from the form above:

Click here to send request to the server and display respond.

*: If you will send URL as torrent value, our server will try to extract hash from URL.
For now server does not support URLs without hash (to be implemented soon).

**: Secret value would not be sent, instead signature value need to be sent.
This form will automatically calculate signature value.
To calculate signature you need to concatenate: key, torrent, tag, description, secret values and apply md5 function.
Example of success response:
{ "status": "success" }
Example of error response:
{ "status": "error", "message": "Not correct Key or Signature" }
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